In 1991 we discovered a very popular theme restaurant selling a "KEEP THE GLASS PROMOTION" where customers would buy a specialty drink served in a glass branded with the establishment's name on it and get to keep the glass. We were amazed at how many people actually left with one or more glasses. I was the Two months later we began selling specialty drinks served in a 23 oz. Chicago Improv Hurricane glass where I was the GM. In one year we sold 60,000 glasses at an average profit of $4 per glass. I implemented this program into several other Improv Comedy Clubs and in 1993 WaterDogs! was founded selling logoed glass-specialty drink programs. In 1995 WaterDogs! began providing distillers with branded glassware for their different programs and promotions. By 1996 we were receiving requests to supply other premium items – any item with a brand or company logo on it that is used to promote. 

From then until now our company’s direction has been continuously defined and redefined by our customers varied requests. We are now in all areas of merchandising and promotion from the primary packaging that a product goes into, to the displays that they are sold from. 

Our customers come to WaterDogs! because they know regardless of the size of the project they can expect quality products at a fair price with the highest level of customer service. 

“Expertise + Experience + Solid Judgment is how we run our business. By paying close attention to all details we manage your business rather than letting our business manage us.  At WaterDogs! the answer is YES the question is: How to do it. This is “Where Good Enough is Not Good Enough” and that is why we're in business."

Rich Yalowitz, Founder

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“Where Good Enough is not Good Enough”
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