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CUSTOM BOTTLES - click here to see

  • Our Process 

​Step 1: The Concept – The distillery provides WaterDogs! the design concept. 
        -  Current Bottle you want to make changes to
        -  New bottle concept that doesn’t currently exist
*WaterDogs! requires $1500 to engineer a bottle drawing and produce a sample*

Step 2: WaterDogs! will create an engineered drawing of your bottle concept and present it for approval – This usually takes no more than 1 week.
Step 3: Once the drawing is approved WaterDogs! will produce, ship and deliver a Unit sample (actual glass bottle) to the distillery for approval – This usually takes 45 days.
Step 4: If the Unit sample is approved and the distillery wants to proceed with an order WaterDogs! will schedule the order into production and manufacture the production tooling.
*WaterDogs! requires $2500 to produce the production tooling and 50% deposit for the order*

Step 5: WaterDogs! will produce production tooling, manufacture the order and deliver: 90 days 
*Payment on the balance is due when the container lands on US soil.*


  • Minimum order quantity: 1 container (approx. 20,000 - 750mL bottles) 

  • Bottle Decoration Set up Cost: $300 per color per location
            Paid one time provided no art changes are made
            Blank bottle do not have a decoration set up costs

  • Pricing Guidelines
Custom bottles cannot compete in price with a stock bottle. Stock bottles are produced in the hundreds of thousands and can be purchased by any company for any brand anywhere in the world – your custom bottle is produced only for your brand in whatever quantity you order. Having said that we have custom bottles that sell for around $1 to just over $3. The more elaborate the decoration, bottle design and weight the more expensive. Below are the 5 major categories that determine the cost of a custom bottle.

1.  Bottle Weight – heavier bottles are more expensive because more material is used

2.  Glass Quality – 
        -  Super Flint (highest quality): very clear and clean, generally no bubbles or blemishes in the glass
        -  Extra Flint: clear and clean may have some bubbles or blemishes but usually minimized
        -  Regular Flint: good material if you don’t care about bubbles or blemishes. Also glass tends to have a green tint  

3.  Bottle Shape – round bottles tend to be less expensive because the defective rate is lower. However there are plenty of square corned bottles that are inexpensive

4.  Order Quantity – the higher the quantity the lower the cost. As your brand grows you will generally 
start to see price breaks on orders of 2 containers or more

5.  Bottle Decoration – we decorate bottles right at the plant. If you plan on using paper labels
the cost of the bottle will be less expensive as compared to a decorated bottle but then you have
to consider the efficiency and value of decorated bottles over blank